I’m a third term Trustee. I was first elected October 21, 2013, in Ward 2 Sherwood Park.

On October 31, 2013, I was first elected by the Board to the position of Board Chair of Elk Island Public Schools. I held the Board Chair position for ten consecutive years before stepping away on August 24, 2023.

During my term I sat on every Board Committee either as ex-officio member or Trustee. By doing so, it has given me a firm understanding of the work of the Board and of the Division.

In my time as Board Chair, I was responsible for providing leadership and guidance as well as perform numerous duties on behalf of the Board. For ten years I spoke on urban and rural issues, established relationships with community leaders and elected officials of all levels, lead advocacy efforts, collaborated with other Board Chairs to understand the issues facing education and to collaborate on solutions.

On October 27, 2017, I was first elected to the Alberta School Boards Association Board of Directors as a Zone 2/3 Director and was later elected by membership on June 3, 2018, to serve as ASBA Vice President.  November 16, 2021, I stepped away from ASBA Board of Directors to focus on my personal goals I wanted to complete before stepping away from EIPS Board Chair position.

I’m extremely proud of what I was accomplished in my 10 years as Board Chair. I’m equally proud of what I was able to accomplish as Vice President of Alberta School Boards Association.  This role allowed me to tap into my passion and strengths, including strategic planning, advocacy and policy.

It is through the duties and responsibilities of being Board Chair of the 6th largest school division in Alberta and a former ASBA Vice President, that I have a firm understanding of the education system both locally and provincially.

I have represented EIPS since the formation of TEBA. On June 9, 2020, I was elected to the Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association Board of Directors and continue to serve on the Board.