As Trustee

What can you expect from me as your Trustee?

As Trustee and Board Chair, I have demonstrated my

  • Strong work ethics
  • Dedication
  • Passion

I am a proven

  • Leader
  • Critical and strategic thinker
  • Team player and builder

I will continue to use my strengths for the best interests of our students and do my part to continue building a strong the public education system.

My Commitment as Trustee

Students benefit most, when Trustees work together with stakeholders as a united community, thereby enhancing the success of all students. As your Trustee, I will continue to observe what, when and how we engage stakeholders in shaping the direction of EIPS.

I will continue to use my website, social media, School Council meetings, Committee of School Council meetings, Local ATA President meetings, Sherwood Park Chamber and my community network to engage with stakeholders.

As fiduciary stewards of EIPS, the Board of Trustees primarily responsibility is to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of the whole Division. As your Trustee, I will continue to execute my fiduciary responsibility by optimizing our resources to meet the diverse learning needs of our students, not only with a short-term lens, but with long term also in mind.

Advocacy is an important aspect of being a trustee. I will continue to commit to leveraging every avenue to advocate for the diverse learning needs of our students and give EIPS a strong voice in shaping the future of education.

Focused on what counts, our students and strengthening the public education system

Conscientious      Decisive     Hardworking