I’m a third term Trustee. I was first elected October 21, 2013 in Ward 2 Sherwood Park.

On October 31, 2013 I was first elected by the Board to the position of Board Chair of Elk Island Public Schools Board of Trustees. The Board continued to entrust me to serve them as Board Chair for nine consecutive years.

During my term I have served on every Board Committee. Board Chair is an ex-officio member of all committees established by the Board with voting privileges with the exception of the Student Expulsion Committee (filled in for committee members in the capacity of trustee). I have exercised that right to do so throughout my eight years as Chair.  By doing so, it has given me a firm understanding of the work of the Board and the Division.

The Board Chair’s primary responsibility is to provide leadership and guidance. The Board entrust the Chair to perform a number of duties on the Board’s behalf

  • Act as the official spokesperson for the Board,
  • Represent the Board, at official meetings or other public functions.
  • Foster, develop, and/or maintain positive, professional working relationships with:
    • All members of the Board
    • Superintendent and staff
    • ATA Local President
    • The Minister of Education
    • Locally elected MLAs
    • Municipal elected officials
    • Board Chairs of other Alberta School Boards.
  • Keep informed of significant developments within the Division.
  • Be in regular contact with the Superintendent to maintain a working knowledge of current issues and events.
  • Convey directly to the Superintendent such concerns as are related to him/her by trustees, parents or students that may affect the administration of the Division.
  • Provide counsel to the Superintendent.

I have executed my duties as Chair to the full extent over the full eight years for the best interest of all EIPS 17000+ students no matter which community they live in. Although the role of Board Chair comes with many extra responsibilities I still fulfilled my duties and responsibilities of being a Sherwood Park Trustee.

It is through the duties and responsibilities of being Board Chair of the 6th largest school division in Alberta that I have a firm understanding of the education system both locally and provincially.

On October 27, 2017 I have been elected to the Alberta School Boards Association Board of Directors as a Zone 2/3 Director.  I was elected by membership in a by-election June 3,  2018 to serve as ASBA Vice President.  November 16, 2021 marked the end of my maximum 2 terms

As Vice President of Alberta School Boards Association and an member of the executive I played an active role in

  • Influence government policy through strategic advocacy efforts and collaboration.
  • Shape supports for local elected school boards
  • Collaborate with Education stakeholders
  • Protect the autonomy and champion of the value of locally elected school board

On June 9, 2020 I was elected to the Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association Board of Directors.