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December 5, 2021

October 28, 2021 Board Meeting

The Board elected the Chair and Vice Chair at the Organizational meeting. I’m honoured to be reelected as Board Chair for a ninth term. I’m excited to continue to work with Colleen Holowaychuk as Vice Chair.

The Board approved EIPS’s annual modular requests. We are asking for funds to cover the expense of demolition of aging modulars located at Uncas, as well as to cover the expense to move 3 modulars from Fultonvale to SouthPoint. 

Learning Disruption Funding

The Board has been approved for $792K as parted of the Learning Disruption Funding that the Minister recently announced. The funds that we received will provide 12 to 16 weeks of targeted programing for 1616 identified students in Grades 2 and 3 to deal with literacy and numeracy learning loss due to the disruption to learning as result of the pandemic. We will be making an application to access funds from this program for identified Grade 1 students. Approval of the funds are expected in the new year.

Assurance Reviews

The Board is entering Assurance Reviews throughout the month of November. We met with the Departments on November 1 and 2.  School Assurance Reviews were held on November 24, 26, 29 and 30. Assurance Reviews allow the Board of Trustees to meet with each central department and school. These meetings provide us with a wealth of information to fulfil our fiduciary responsibilities to ensure your division is spending its resources appropriately and has plans in place to support the achievement of the goals and outcomes identified in our Four-Year Division Plan. Discussions focused on greatest success, opportunity of growth, challenges encountered. Schools were asked how they are using funds provided by the Board as part of the Board’s COVID recovery plan(Learning loss and student social emotional development).

K-6 Draft Curriculum

November 14 and December 1, Superintendent Liguori and I attended a meeting of Board Chairs to discuss the K-6 draft Curriculum. Conversations focused content and implementation scenarios, as well as resources and supports needed for a successful implementation of a new curriculum.  

November 25, 2021 Board Meeting

The Board approved the audited financial statements and the fall budget of $198,259,089. The proposed allocation of funds allows schools and departments to maintain essential services and supports the Division’s mission, values, and priorities.  The 2021-22 Fall Budget draws $5.38 million from operating reserves.

  • COVID Recovery Plan
    • Learning Achievement Gap
    • Student Social Emotional Supports
    • Post COVID Mental Health Staff
  • COVID Protocols and PPE
  • Mechanical Cooling for Modulars
  • Consultants: Assessment, Numeracy, Early Learning
  • New Curriculum
  • Career Pathways
  • Enhance Use of Division Software
  • Home Education
  • Readers/Writers Workshop
  • Digitization of Student Records
  • OH&S Items
  • IT – Battery Replacement
  • Junior High Honours
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Professional Development (OTAGS) and Leadership
  • Student Transportation Support

The Board also reviewed and approved the EIPS Annual Education Results Report. The report outlines the efforts taken during the 2020-21 school year, which outlines success, identified opportunities for growth, as well as how we will be focusing our energies in the 2021-22 school year.

Public Board Meetings

The Board continues to livestream our Board meetings while our Boardroom is closed to the public. Our next meeting is on December 16, 2021. The the public portion will start at 10am. The link can be found under the Trustee tab along with the meeting materials.