I was first elected on October 21, 2013 as an Elk Island Public Schools Ward 2 Sherwood Park Trustee.  I’m currently in my ninth year as a Trustee and Chair of the Board of Trustees of EIPS. Over the last eight years as Board Chair I had the privilege of working within each of the communities that EIPS serves. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about each of our 43 schools and being part of supporting the important work that they do everyday. A lot has been accomplished during since I was first elected to chart the course of EIPS in meeting the diverse learning needs of our students. As Trustees for Sherwood Park and Board Chair of EIPS, I remain passionate and committed to providing students with a high quality learning experience.

For the 2021-22 school year I’m serving as liaison for Bev Facey Composite High School, Davidson Creek, , Sherwood Heights, Westboro and Woodbridge Farms as their Board Liaison. I valued the relationship that I build with each school council and school.



What inspires people to become a School Board Trustee?

What is the role of a School Board Trustee?

Focused on what counts, our students and strengthening the

public education system

Conscientious      Decisive     Hardworking